Stippling Patterns

Tactical Pattern

Grip Rating 70
Comfort Rating 90

When your IWB (inside the waistband) carrying your pistol most stippling patterns can be very irritating on your skin. It can cause a good bit of discomfort and take a while to get use to. Specially if you have a lil bit of a gut that stippling can drive you crazy rubbing against it. That’s why we spent extensive time in the R&D on this ‘’tactical” pattern. We figured out a way to make a pattern that is nice and comfortable on your skin while carrying IWB but still provides plenty of grip once you apply pressure onto your grip.

Combat Pattern

Grip Rating 60
Comfort Rating 80

This pattern looks and feels amazing! The custom tip we made to create this pattern makes thick walls when paired with the right pressure amount of applying this texture. With most other stippling patterns out there you will notice over time, depending on how much you shoot, the stippling will eventually flatten or collapse and fold in or out. Because we made this pattern to have such thick walls you can apply as much pressure you want on the grip and it will not give out. Its combat tested and ready for any situation.

Mission Pattern

Grip Rating 30
Comfort Rating 50

Here is a stippling pattern that is an all around, go to, ready to roll, ass kicking pattern. Its great for doing training, competitions, hunting, ect… It has a mild texture and you never have to worry about it wearing out or down due to it being a low height pattern but we can also make this one more aggressive to your desired grip level, from 10-100.

Frame Modifications

Accelerator Cut

Provides a ledge near the center of the gun for you to get as much grip as possible on your gun. It helps drastically with recoil management regardless of what caliber your shooting. This modification alone will improve your shooting immediately no matter what your skill level is. It will make your shots more accurate and help you shoot faster.

Knuckle Cut

This is where we take the knuckle area of the trigger guard and reduce the size of it and bring it forward then round off the edges to provide the most comfort possible. If your someone that has big hands this will help tremendously, but regardless of your hand size it will help either way by this mod letting you get your hand closer to the top of the gun which helps with providing extra control and recoil reduction.

Double Undercut

This is kind of the little brother mod to the knuckle cut. The double under cut helps to improve the same things and just give more aid to the higher up and recoil control but it also helps with getting your support hand higher up and get extra grip so both hands have a equal amount of extra grip and recoil control.

Blended Backstrap

The blended backstrap is literally melted onto the frame and blended in to extend the grip and make it bigger to your desired size to fit the frame for those who have bigger hands or just like a bigger grip. We do it all the way up the dove tail to also add extra protection so you can get your hand higher up without the worry of getting snake bit by the slide.