Slide Cuts

Ronix Cut- $400

SC Ronix Cut Slide

The Ronix cut is the lightest cut in our line up. It has no issue with the functionality or reliability of the firearm. Specially if you pair this slide cut with a 13lb guid rod you will notice a night and day difference in lighter and more controlled recoil management. We chamfer all the edges for a clean cut sleek look The ronix cut is also great if you want to do 25 degree porting facing out the ports on the slide which will reduce the recoil even more. Another good feature with porting the barrel with this slide cut is it wont effect your trinium iron sights like most top ports do. You also have gasses shooting away from versus straight up blocking your view of desired target. It has great big sized spots to grip the slide so you can rack it/load it/cock it several different ways.

Omni Cut- $300

SC Omni Cut Slide

The Omni cut is awesome if your looking for that slide that you just want a lot of grip on. The serrations on the front and back are nice and deep and cut on a slight angle and go up through the chamfered edge so regardless if you have slippery hands from water, oil, blood, mud, sand, dirt, etc…or have gloves on you can still cock this slide 10 + different ways. It has a medium size top window to lighten it just enough to notice a difference and still run a top ported barrel. We chamfer all the edges for a clean cut sleek look. The most important feature on this slide is the cobra cut(mouth cut) in the front of the slide that shows off your barrel and just looks pure awesome.

Law Cut- $200

SC Law Cut Slide

The Law cut is our typical EDC(every day carry) cut with some tactical add ons. We enhance the stock rear serrations too a deeper depth for more grip and also add the same serrations in the front of the slide cut them on a angle for better grip when you have that slide angled in those hard spots where you wouldn’t typically be able to get good grip on it. We chamfer all the edges for a clean cut sleek look. It also has side windows and a top window to lighten it up a lot. These windows are optional and you can also choose just the side ones or just the top one or none at all.

EDC Cut- $250

SC EDC Cut Slide

Our EDC cut is for those Glock model slides that already come with those ugly front serrations. So we took the slide serrations that are already there and just made them better! We chamfer all the edges for a clean cut sleek look and then take the stock serrations already on the slide and enhance them then continue the serration up through the chamfered edge and then across the top off the front and back of the slide. Because of this it still has a lot of stock weight so we added to small windows on both sides to lighten just enough to feel a difference and it give it that aesthetically pleasing look.

Optic Cut

Optic Cuts- $150

We can do any RMR or red dot optic style cuts for your Glock slide excluding the Glock 42 model. For the optic to be test fitted and perfectly fit we just ask you please bring in or ship the optic with the slide/firearm.


Barrel Porting- $100-$200

Price for barrel porting ranges from $100 – $200.

Cover Plate- $50