Our Services

We offer custom cerakote. The crazier the design or theme, the better! We can pretty much do anything you can think of. Your vision is the limit!!! Photos of some of our work can be found here or for a broader scope of our cerakote and other work you can see a ton of pics on our social media pages on either instagram @savage__customs__ or on our facebook page Savage Customs.

We also offer custom stippling and frame modifications. You can see some pics of this service below. Again, with this we can offer a lot of modifications especially when it comes to your Glock frames -  but basically anything thats made out of polymer can be stippled!  Whether you are looking for a basic undercut on the trigger gaurd to make some more room for your hand and fingers or if you want a full on crazy custom stipple job we can take care of it.

Signature slide cuts. At the moment we offer one slide cut and it was is our most popular one, The RAZOR cut!!! This cut is very aggresive and great for extra grip and getting a lighter overall pistol. The slide cut will drastically help your shooting whether you are a regular range rat or for tactical training.