Follow these simple steps:

The process is super simple, a lot of people over think it needing they need to ship there guns from a gunshop, ect... Thats not the case at all. 

If you're like me I like to talk to my customers either on the phone or in person before they start there project so I can get the details perfect of what that customer wants. But you can reach us at 239-336-9339 and when your ready to send your project or firearm in you just need to open and print these 2 forms below to get it going. 

1 is the order form so please fill it out to the best of your abilities, the 2nd is a copy of our FFL, this just needs to be placed in the box along with your order form and a copy of your ID. 

Once we finish your project or gun we send it directly back to you regardless of what state your in, as long as you are the owner of that firearm it goes straight back to you. 

See I told you, simple process right?

  1. Contact us via telephone at 239-336-9339 to go over exactly what it is you want to do.
  2. Download / print  a copy of our order form and fill out to the best of your abilities. (below)
  3. Download / print  a copy of our FFL and attach a copy of that to your order form, along with a copy of your ID and put it in the box that you are mailing to us with your firearm or firearm parts. (below)
  4. Email your documents to tuckerdoyon@aol.com
  5. We will contact you before doing any work on your firearm to ensure you are getting exactly what you want.
  6. Upon completion of your firearm will contact you to verify return shipping address and any details you may want to include.

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Credit Card, Checks/Money Orders, and Cash if you are local or physically here to pick up your firearm. Payment is due upon completion before return shipping will occur.  There is a processing fee for any Credit/Debit Card charges.

PayPal payments should be sent to:  tuckerdoyon@aol.com

A (non refundable) 50% deposit is required for any packages where the gun is included (provided by us).


Additional Information

Customers are responsible for shipping costs and insurance on  packages shipped to us for customization.